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(New Posting) Don’t Let Covid19 Keep You from Wordship   Posted 2/21

  About Romans 13           Posted 01/2021

  What Makes It  New Year   Posted 01/2021       

Be A Disciple by Example          Posted 09/29/2020

 A World Without Black People      Posted 02/25/2020

Biblical Role of Women in the Church     Posted 01/29/2020

( Here is some additional information concerning the topic. Some information I agree with and some I do not. But it is presented for you to make your own decision. It was shared with me by a friend, Dr. Perry L. Riley (D. Ed. Min.) Graduated of Dallas Theological Seminary. Presenters and citations are included. )

Presentation on Women in Ministry

Presenters: Tom Hsu, James Hwang, David Moore, David Brown

Role of Women in Ministry 

Presenters: Sherrie Brown, Dr. Perry Riley, David Ross

Is It a Job or is it a Ministry      -  Posted 10/11/2018

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Notes on Death

Can A Person Die Before His Time     -   Posted 10/23/2018  

Burial vs Cremation?     -   Posted 10/29/2018





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