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Comments and Quotes

Good morning Rev. Diggs,

I just had to tell you that during bible study this week, the question was asked "what is the largest religion in the world?" My hand went up because I had read your sermon notes. I also knew that Islam was 2nd. 😊 We actually had a discussion on the importance of having a "firm foundation."

Thank you again for sending me your website. Your message notes are easy to read and understand. I also like the scripture references so I can read a little more if I need too.

My neighbor gave me a quote for our church Sunday program a few weeks ago and I saw it again at the family thanksgiving diner. It should give us all pause.

"You do not have to be "THE" leader in order to be "A" leader." - Mark Cuban

“The word of God will either drive you or draw you.”

"What if you woke up this morning and had only the things you thanked God for yesterday" - Max Lucado

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